Pho is the Richmond Hill Asian’s staple food. Hearty and modestly priced, it never disappoints, and it is universally loved by all Asian-Canadians across the GTA. Meet an Asian from Scarbs, give your bro-shake, ask “wanna get lunch?” and as soon as you mention the word “pho” you know you’re game. On hot summer days, the herbal mints that accompany the thinly-sliced, raw-cooked beef and chewy noodles will give you the breeze you’re looking for; during winter, the savoury soup warms you to to the soul. Yep, I’m drooling already…

Pho also makes a relatively safe and practical first date food, because you get to eat (see post: Asians need to eat) and chat in a relatively pretty environment at the same time. It saves time and money, both qualities dear to an Asian who has wasted precious study time or passed their curfew to date some loser they’d just met at the club. Pho places often offer avocado smoothies as well (a delicacy to be had in small doses), which are a plus. Pho may also be accompanied by bubble tea in a neighbouring tea shop.


Kim Po at Times Square is a reliable option. It was renovated around 2010 I believe, with date-friendly booths and streamlined modern décor. However, most Asians aren’t aware of an even better secret gem hidden in the same mall: an even tastier Pho restaurant, albeit not as trendy and usually only attended by large families with young children. It is located on the second floor of the mall.


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