Kate Spade Bag

In the making of a Richmond Hill Asian, the designer purse is integral. While Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada have always reigned supreme, a slightly more affordable and trendy designer(1) piece consists of the Kate Spade crossbody bag. These tiny accessories, often pastel or two-toned coloured and plated with Kate Spade’s famous insignia, hang proudly off the shoulders of many an Asian girl in this part of the GTA. They can also be found resting in the leather seat of said girl’s Lexus or Mini Cooper.

A crossbody bag in black, perfect for going out.


The ubiquitous (mini tote?) that contains an inner pocket, perfect for stuffing in things (just make sure they don’t fall out later).

Why are these tiny Kate Spade bags so popular? After much observation, I’ve deduced that they are well-loved because they capture the lifestyle and  image that R-Hill Asian females like to project. These crossbodies project a sense of cutesy elegance (without the hefty price tag of Louis Vuitton) and laissez-faire living (look! no hands needed!) without the tendency to fall apart (which bags from H&M and Aldo will inevitably do) and without the connotations of motherhood (that Coach and LeSportsac carry).  Furthermore, these crossbodies can be dangled comfortably on the arm or from the shoulder as R-Hill Asians transition from car to bubble tea joint, since workout gear, lunchboxes, an extra pair of flats, and other cumbersome things normally strapped onto a public-transit rider can be comfortably left behind in a personal vehicle. The tiny crossbody bag, which has just enough space for a wallet, makeup, and water bottle, shows that you are able to firmly divorce work from fun.


The two-toned bag, another structured favourite.

Most importantly, Asian boyfriends can sigh in relief—Kate Spade bags are designer-y enough to pass as an anniversary gift without costing a month’s salary. For all the single ladies, a Kate Spade bag is still attainable if you want to treat yourself after your first (few) paychecks.

Similar brands also popular with R-Hill Asians include Fossil and—well, help me out here. I myself opted for an (outlet edition) Fossil crossbody years ago because I found their leather softer and more pliable.

(Now that I’m done my spiel, y’all know what my secret fetish is…? :P)


(1) By “designer” I really just mean someone who can stick their name to an item and automatically charge big bucks for it. (Sorry for my lack of brand-name knowledge, fashion ravens.) For more cynical information on the powers of branding, click here (read the second writer).




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