At the turn of the 21st century, a fitness trend arose. Its name was Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and the need for yoga wear was borne. Out of Vancouver, where cool Asians reside, the brand Lululemon came to represent top-notch and top-priced athletic gear.

I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

Lululemon’s hold on the fashion and “athletic” world soon extended to Richmond Hill Asians, too. Preteen daughters and stay-at-home moms alike gravitated towards the bright colours, stretchy fabric, and excuse to wear yoga pants. Lululemon was soon seen among Asians heading to VYbE Dance (in Markham), Yogatree, and community zumba classes. It even gained popularity outside the gym. At the local T&T Supermarket you’ll often sport an R-Hill Asian in a Pace Rival Crop, Free to Flow Tank, Festival Bag, and Flyaway Tamer Headband. Like a business suit in the financial district, head-to-toe Lululemon means no time to waste.

Why is Lululemon so successful? Extensive research has been conducted; see here. I believe the brand succeeded by fulfilling a niche and appealing to feminine lifestyles (although they’ve branched out to men now). Lululemon made exercise fashionable, and their cute styles allowed you to seamlessly go from yoga to grocery shopping to even your creative industry job. Plus, when you wore it around the block, you looked extra jacked and healthy compared to everyone else.

Here I am flexing my golfball-sized biceps and wearing all Lululemon. Haters gonna hate.

Here are some signs an R-Hill Asian may be wearing Lululemon:

  1. She’s running from Saturday morning boot camp to brunch with the ladies.
  2. Her black pants look surprisingly comfortable for her office job.
  3. She drives a Mini Cooper and carries a Kate Spade bag.
  4. Her Instagram consists of #wanderlust, #girlswholift, and quotes from Marilyn Monroe and Buddha.

Although Asians are usually associated with conservative attire, the popularity of Lululemon shows that they enjoy cutting-edge styles, too. Yoga pants have allowed women to embrace their curves while still, arguably, covering skin. Plus, Lululemon has become ubiqituous with money and brand names, which are all dear to an R-Hill Asian’s heart.

R.H.A is guilty of splurging on Lululemon way too often in the past. (The Lululemon outlet at Vaughan Mills has fantastic deals.) I find their pants comfy and suitable for a variety of exercises, including running and weightlifting. Their tops come in cute and fresh designs, too. More recently, though, other competitors have risen up against Lululemon, so they’re not necessarily the best brand around.


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