I’m a Chinese-Canadian who grew up in Richmond Hill, a suburb that is just north of Toronto. Over time, I became aware of my hometown’s unique culture. We house such a large Chinese and Iranian population that our cultural options remain unparalleled. Whether it’s authentic dining experiences or language learning options, we’re like no other neighbourhood in the Greater Toronto Area.

This blog aims to share my insights as a Richmond Hill Asian. It’s about the first- and second-generation Asian experience. Many of these thoughts come from the years I spent as a teenager in the mid-2000s, which were the best and most colourful years. While I focus on Richmond Hill, my experiences also apply to other Asians across the GTA. Markham, Scarborough, Mississauga, you name it: Asians unite!

I promise, in this blog, a clear and unfiltered account of the Asian life. From Confucianism to the newest Pho joint in down, from rap music to British colonization, no subject is taboo.

Ultimately, this blog aims to break down Chinese-Canadian stereotypes by radically making fun of them. You’re advised to take everything with a grain of salt—or a pinch of Cantonese chili oil.

Yours truly,
Richmond Hill Asian


About the Asian

My name, which from left to right reads “Leung Lok Yee” or [surname] “happy daughter.”
“Richmond Hill Asian”or R.H.A. completed her masters in English at York University (an un-Asian thing to do, since she specialized in a subject she enjoys). R.H.A. likes to make fun of her own ethnicity, but is also really proud to hail from Hong Kong and to be able to write her own name in Chinese (and nothing else).

Outside of writing, she teaches piano, holds odd jobs here, paints and makes music, works out, and drinks too much bubble tea.

R.H.A. also blogs here.

Most images on this site are (c) to me; images that belong to someone else are linked to their source. Please contact me if I’m missing any links!


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