Happy Chinese New Year

Happy (late) Chinese New Year everyone! Excuse me while I cook dinner with my mom and greet my 1284297 relatives.


University of Toronto (Part One)

University of Toronto is a place many Richmond Hill Asians are familiar with. Our successful cousins who graduated from law school and medical school went there. When we immigrated to Toronto, our parents took iconic photos in front of King's College and planned our educational futures from then on. By default, UofT is the pinnacle of... Continue Reading →

Chinese School

Chinese School was a informal jail that every Chinese kid attended on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings - aka. the prime time of youth. (If you are an Asian of another ethnic origin, you might've attended a similar style of home-language schooling.) As a young girl, I was jolted awake every Saturday morning, a schoolbag shoved into... Continue Reading →

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