Teaching Private Music Lessons

After many years, a Richmond Hill Asian who has completed all ten levels of private music instruction finally graduates to the next stage in life. Akin to tribal rites of passage, the Asian has finally become mature, worthy of teaching piano or another classical instrument. This job, commonly held during high school or postsecondary years, is encouraged for... Continue Reading →


Private Music Lessons

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every Asian kid studies piano or violin at one point in their life. While there are scientific correlations between music and intelligence, and by this logic, drum lessons are just as helpful as piano classes, no Asian parent will ever enroll their little Christopher or Vivian into Rock 'N' Rolling Summer Camp. While... Continue Reading →

University of Toronto (Part One)

University of Toronto is a place many Richmond Hill Asians are familiar with. Our successful cousins who graduated from law school and medical school went there. When we immigrated to Toronto, our parents took iconic photos in front of King's College and planned our educational futures from then on. By default, UofT is the pinnacle of... Continue Reading →

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