Corporal Punishment

Having completed her summer full-time job from Hell, R-Hill Asian is finally back and writing! Today's topic is corporal punishment (this may be a sensitive topic). Something every ethnic (non-White) kid will understand, growing up, is corporal punishment. Sorry, white kids of the Gen X and Y generation, but you never had it the way we Asians did.... Continue Reading →


Happy Father’s Day!

Here's the obligatory highly original and heartfelt Father's day online post in which I'll talk about why my (Asian) dad is so awesome. Like most other Asian dads, he: Studied engineering. Wears long, white socks up to his knees. Had high expectations for the maths and sciences until recently. I'll elaborate on this later. Forced me into... Continue Reading →


Every Asian kid from 13-30 has a curfew, whether real or implied. This applies as long as they still live under their parents' roof. Real means “get home by 10PM.” Implied means your dad would have been waiting for you, by the door, into the wee hours of 4AM. The latter case makes an Asian... Continue Reading →

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