Check out this Yelp Page!

My wonderful friend Steph C. has posted a Yelp List of excellent R-Hill Asian hangouts. Check this out! Steph's reviews are detailed, useful, and even come with pretty food pictures. : )


Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea/Boba Tea/Pearl Milk Tea is the staple drink of the Richmond Hill Asian, who lives among some of the best and most reknowned bubble tea shops in the GTA. Every Richmond Hill Asian recalls the pure childish glee of finally acquiring one such drink after getting an A; recalls this sipping this delicious drink with... Continue Reading →


Pho is the Richmond Hill Asian’s staple food. Hearty and modestly priced, it never disappoints, and it is universally loved by all Asian-Canadians across the GTA. Meet an Asian from Scarbs, give your bro-shake, ask “wanna get lunch?” and as soon as you mention the word “pho” you know you’re game. On hot summer days, the... Continue Reading →

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