At the turn of the 21st century, a fitness trend arose. Its name was Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and the need for yoga wear was borne. Out of Vancouver, where cool Asians reside, the brand Lululemon came to represent top-notch and top-priced athletic gear. Lululemon's hold on the fashion and "athletic" world soon extended to Richmond Hill Asians,... Continue Reading →


Ricers and Cars

What are Ricers? The other day, my non R-Hill friend remarked: "Wow, there are a lot of ricers here."  This surprised me, because as a long term citizen of Richmond Hill, I'd assumed these cars were normal. Then I opened my eyes and realized how prevalent the "ricer" phenomenon is, and its implications on our (sub)urban landscape.... Continue Reading →

Chinese School

Chinese School was a informal jail that every Chinese kid attended on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings - aka. the prime time of youth. (If you are an Asian of another ethnic origin, you might've attended a similar style of home-language schooling.) As a young girl, I was jolted awake every Saturday morning, a schoolbag shoved into... Continue Reading →

Reporting from the Motherland: Parental Love

As you know, Richmond Hill Asian has just returned from the ultimate Asian trip to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo to explore her cultural roots. Sponsored by her parents, this trip gave the opportunity to reclaim whatever Asianness she could in the midst of otherwise Canadian whitewashedness. (Actually, this trip was really just to attend a wedding in Singapore... Continue Reading →

Being Late

An Asian will arrive only on the dot, or in various increments of lateness depending on the context. Arriving early, even to self-compose or mentally prepare for an event, is a waste of time that the Asian could have spent doing something else. It is also awkward to arrive at a social gathering only to... Continue Reading →

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