Spicy Noodle Challenges

Consuming spicy food is a rite of passage for every Asian kid. It's especially true if you were a younger or more compliant child within a group, ie. with your older sibling's friends or your Sunday school buddies. One day, the bunch of you are seated at the "kid's table" of a local Mandarin (because... Continue Reading →


Eating Anything and Everything

Everyone knows that the average Cantonese diet consists of camel's hump, dog meat, and other creative means of using available resources. Google up a notorious game along the lines of "Dirty Chinese Restaurant" and you'll find your stereotypical Chinese chef chasing cats with a cleaver and scrounging around dumpsters for extra pieces in his "special... Continue Reading →


At the turn of the 21st century, a fitness trend arose. Its name was Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and the need for yoga wear was borne. Out of Vancouver, where cool Asians reside, the brand Lululemon came to represent top-notch and top-priced athletic gear. Lululemon's hold on the fashion and "athletic" world soon extended to Richmond Hill Asians,... Continue Reading →

Teaching Private Music Lessons

After many years, a Richmond Hill Asian who has completed all ten levels of private music instruction finally graduates to the next stage in life. Akin to tribal rites of passage, the Asian has finally become mature, worthy of teaching piano or another classical instrument. This job, commonly held during high school or postsecondary years, is encouraged for... Continue Reading →

Kate Spade Bag

In the making of a Richmond Hill Asian, the designer purse is integral. While Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada have always reigned supreme, a slightly more affordable and trendy designer(1) piece consists of the Kate Spade crossbody bag. These tiny accessories, often pastel or two-toned coloured and plated with Kate Spade's famous insignia, hang proudly off... Continue Reading →


Asian parents are usually stereotyped as being overbearing and overprotective, but there is a relation between these stereotypes and the actual accountability of an Asian kid. Show responsibility in every way. Don’t lie completely about your grades – explain to them that an 85 and a 95 both constitute 4.0 GPA’s, and that’s why your... Continue Reading →

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